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Remedial Sex Ed

Three friends who grew up in Salt Lake City explore all the things they didn't learn in their public school sex education. And that's a lot of things, so strap it in, strap it on, and dive in to the world of remedial sex ed for anxious adult children.

It's a weekly podcast featuring interviews with people who actually know what they're talking about when it comes to sexual health, round-table discussion, stories, and bits. Everybody loves bits!

So why don't you smash that like button, give us a listen, laugh along uncomfortably, and who knows? You might even learn something.

Mar 4, 2020

So what this episode's late, you wanna fight about it? Also Megan takes the crew on a journey through the history of burlesque and pole dancing. It's the first in our series on burlesque, stripping, and pole dancing. Come and take a cheeky peek at some erotic history. 

All the photos we mention in the episode, you can find here: id=1tE46agI8wWi1fpQRk7kzChd3V6HK1fqW

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