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Remedial Sex Ed

Three friends who grew up in Salt Lake City explore all the things they didn't learn in their public school sex education. And that's a lot of things, so strap it in, strap it on, and dive in to the world of remedial sex ed for anxious adult children.

It's a weekly podcast featuring interviews with people who actually know what they're talking about when it comes to sexual health, round-table discussion, stories, and bits. Everybody loves bits!

So why don't you smash that like button, give us a listen, laugh along uncomfortably, and who knows? You might even learn something.

Sep 9, 2019

It shouldn't surprise you, dear listener, that we didn't quite know how to dive into KINK. So we've taken a show-and-tell approach; It's a grab bag o' kinks! Each of us did our homework to tell you about a random kink, one in which each of us has a purely academic interest, I assure you. Marcella talks about Pet Play, Colin brings you Furries (spoiler: it's not a kink. Unless it is) and Megan becomes a Looner right before your ears. So buckle in, stow your judgment, and soar with us over the vast and wild land of kink. 

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Thumbnail image by Pikawil, licensed under CC by SA 2.0

Balloon Popping, you know you want to try it!