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Remedial Sex Ed

Three friends who grew up in Salt Lake City explore all the things they didn't learn in their public school sex education. And that's a lot of things, so strap it in, strap it on, and dive in to the world of remedial sex ed for anxious adult children.

It's a weekly podcast featuring interviews with people who actually know what they're talking about when it comes to sexual health, round-table discussion, stories, and bits. Everybody loves bits!

So why don't you smash that like button, give us a listen, laugh along uncomfortably, and who knows? You might even learn something.

Mar 18, 2019

Thank you to our new friend Other Megan for allowing Megan Prime to interview her for this episode. Other Megan is a med student who taught sexual health classes at the women's prison outside Salt Lake. In this episode, she gives us the comprehensive overview of STIs that we really really should've had in school. 

How to get Tested - Overview from Planned Parenthood. Megan mentioned this in the interview as a resource for anonymously informing past partners about your STI status. Also has good information and help finding a clinic. 

Minors' Consent Laws for HIV and STI Services - State by state break down from the CDC.

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