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Remedial Sex Ed

Three friends who grew up in Salt Lake City explore all the things they didn't learn in their public school sex education. And that's a lot of things, so strap it in, strap it on, and dive in to the world of remedial sex ed for anxious adult children.

It's a weekly podcast featuring interviews with people who actually know what they're talking about when it comes to sexual health, round-table discussion, stories, and bits. Everybody loves bits!

So why don't you smash that like button, give us a listen, laugh along uncomfortably, and who knows? You might even learn something.

Apr 3, 2020

This, dear listener, is the conclusion to Megan's Corona Story. We hope this will assuage some of your fears about what it's like to be a healthy person going through a mild case.

As we said before, we don't think hers is the absolute most important story to tell right now, and we don't want to understate the...

Mar 30, 2020

Hello my budding sexual Buddhas, how is everybody doing out there?

Today, we're bringing you something a little different— we're documenting Megan's experience with what were, most likely, symptoms of the novel coronavirus. Spoiler alert: she's fine, but we think it will be interesting for other people to know what...

Mar 16, 2020

Hey all! Did you know that March is women's history month? And also corona-hoarding quarantine month?? We're trying quell your fears by asking the important questions, namely: do you have enough batteries to see your vibrators through a couple weeks of intensive use? Yes, this week we're talking self pleasure, toys, and...

Mar 4, 2020

So what this episode's late, you wanna fight about it? Also Megan takes the crew on a journey through the history of burlesque and pole dancing. It's the first in our series on burlesque, stripping, and pole dancing. Come and take a cheeky peek at some erotic history. 

All the photos we mention in the episode, you can...

Feb 14, 2020

We're back with Season 2, baby! That's right we decided that our seasons are from Valentine's to Halloween because Holidays are exhausting. We're starting off with a very special Valentine's Day episode discussing the The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman. Is it worth reading? Find out with your ears!

Also we really...